resin bonded abrasive wheel bond grinding wheels red non-woven

resin bonded abrasive wheel bond grinding wheels red non-woven

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    Bonded Grinding Wheels. Browse the full line of resin and cotton bonded abrasive products: Mounted Points, Tapered Plugs and Cones, Flaring Cup Grinding Wheels, Waffle Wheels-Flex-Grind-Finish, RexCut Wheels, Chop Saw Wheels, Depressed Center Cutting Wheels and Depressed Center Grinding Wheels as well as Specialty Cutting-Notching-Pipeline Grinding Wheels.

  • non-woven abrasives: the right approach

    Non-Woven Abrasives: The RIGHT Approach

    The density of the web and the size and type of the abrasive used provides an array of combinations that give non-woven right-angle grinding products not only a great deal of versatility but also unique attributes not available in other abrasive products. Non-woven abrasive stripping wheels are recognizable by their coarse, open web construction.

  • resin bond

    Resin Bond

    Resin Bond. Known for their high cutting efficiency, AT's resin bonded superabrasives can be used in both dry and wet grinding. Custom-designed bonds to meet the most stringent requirements in production grinding atmospheres. Latest polymer technology for resistance to heat when dry and wet grinding.

  • threaded plug and tapered cone wheels - resin bond

    Threaded Plug and Tapered Cone Wheels - Resin Bond

    Threaded Plug and Tapered Cone Wheels - Resin Bond - Aluminum Oxide. AA Abrasives Premium Aluminum Oxide Threaded Plug and Tapered Cone Wheels are resin bonded. A16R and A20R grains are designed for tougher metals where consistent stock removal and wheel life is important. Designed for hard to reach areas. Designed for high RPM grinders. Made

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